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A Gift to the BC Endocrine Research Foundation is a Sound Investment, Supporting Innovative Programs in Research and Education

The BC Endocrine Research Foundation is in a unique position to support innovative educational and research programs with a focus on endocrine disorders.  Anyone who supports such programs wants to know that their money will be used wisely and that it will actually make a difference in the lives of people suffering from disease. It’s also exciting to think that your donation may “seed” important new work, helping to grow larger programs that will attract investment from government or industry, and help even more people. BCERF is an independent organization, answerable to a select group of stakeholders. Decisions about which programs to fund are made by a Board composed of people who are among the most knowledgeable in this discipline.

Medical research and education programs are expensive, requiring substantial investment. It’s also true that really novel projects often involve significant risk, because they involve testing new, unproven ideas. This risk is of course greater the more innovative and forward-thinking an idea is. To some, such inventive projects can seem unproductive or or even wasteful for this reason, although “risky” projects often lead to important discoveries that help improve the lives of people living with unusually difficult conditions.

Because of the risks implicit in novel research,  public funding agencies and industry sponsors are sometimes unwilling to consider even minimal support for some of the most innovative ideas. Similarly, large public agencies frequently deny funding for programs that address the needs of small, marginal populations, instead choosing to invest in projects that address more central needs. This situation has become increasingly common and more difficult to address as science evolves and granting programs become ever more competitive.

Giving to the BC Endocrine Research Foundation provides a safe and effective way for you to participate in some of the most important and innovative new work in endocrinology. The BC Endocrine Research Foundation is affiliated with the University of British Columbia, but it is an independent organization. Our research and education priorities are determined by our donors, our members and the Board of Directors, rather than being mandated by any Provincial or Federal entity.  This allows us to support unique, exceptionally innovative projects that might fail to compete favourably with more mainstream programs in competition for Provincial or Federal support. We fill a unique niche in the development of new programs, and we are able to help marginalized populations that might otherwise be neglected. Your much-needed support is critical to this process, and we appreciate your involvement.

B.C. Endocrine Research Foundation

#4116 - 2775 Laurel Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V5Z 1M9

Tel: 604-682-2344 ext. 62413

Board of Directors

President: Dr. Marshall Dahl
Vice-President: Dr. David M. Thompson

Board Members: Dr. Keith Dawson, Dr. Jason Kong, Dr. Ehud Ur, Dr. Jerilynn Prior, Dr. Tom Elliott, Dr. Breay Paty, Dr. Sandra Sirrs

Bookkeeper: Jack Bondy

Administrator: Aleta Allen