Volume 2, Number 3: Fall Equinox, 2000

From the Editor - BC Endocrine Research Foundation

Dr. Eric Norman PHD

Welcome to the Fall Equinox issue of the Quarterly Newsletter. As we are gearing up for production of our diabetes educational video I have taken this opportunity to make this a special diabetes issue.

Dr. Keith Dawson starts with a discussion of the reality of diabetes in our society and the politics of medication availability. He also presents the findings of a recent diabetes survey conducted in BC.

Dr. David Thompson presents some interesting facts regarding the high incidence of heart disease in diabetics and how blood sugars play a role in the process.

The BC Endocrine Research Foundation has organized a special Diabetes Symposium which is free and open to the public. Please come.

I have chosen to discuss the concept of glycemic index in this issue’s Food For Thought column, providing a tool to help manage blood sugars.

The final installment in the Cholesterol series deals with lipid lowering medications. These medications are often needed in cases where plasma lipid levels do not respond to lifestyle modifications or lipid lowering must be more aggressive, as is the case with many diabetics.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Quarterly Newsletter as you go about the fall rituals preparing yourself and home for the upcoming season.

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